Monday, October 23, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 1 Meeting


I am a 66 year old man that is single. I do not know my Friday Night Essence. I remember playing doctor a lot . I am at a dead end job. I work 6 days a week. I have 2 daughters that a adults. 1. I am kind of afraid to meet and talk to other members this is very different for me? 2. I am not very good when it comes to computers. 3. Does this work for... [Read more...]

level one integrations

The book materials are very interesting, and more importantly- I can turn the insights into the useful experiential level. I see everyday anticivilization more clearly now, for what it really is. Looking forward to finding if there are any regional meetings or ‘congregations.” In gratitude.  Read More →


I have 3 FNEs. Art, Education and Real Estate Investing. As a retired Baltimore City Public High School inner city Art Teacher, I long for a way to help the poor and disadvantaged in our society go from 0 to 100 independent of the anti-civilizations’ destructive rules and regulations …progress destroyers but, have not accomplished that goal for... [Read more...]


I have been trying to communicate with someone about the problem I have with neothink society sending my information to my jobsite computer email address ( instead of sending it to my home email address which is I have logged on to the website and entered my home address email information but things are... [Read more...]

Desire to give

This Is more of a statement instead of a question. I seem to have the Strong desire to assist others and friends who sometimes seem to struggle at obtaining their wants, desires and goals. Sometimes a very strong desire to assist, but the finances are not currently available. I am looking forward to a time when those finances Will be available and it... [Read more...]

Level One Meeting Integration

I am playing at being a substitute teacher, but it has been rough because I grew up with New Math and have had to teach math, which I haven’t studied since 1969. I am also attempting to study business on-line and I’m 66 years old, so I need to learn integrated thinking soon. My Friday Night Essence must be reading.  Read More →

Business Owner

I feel I am a value producer and creator. is it not in my best interest to be both, and or just be more of a creator. the reason I ask is that I own a business but I find myself being both. I love to play but their times it doesn’t fell like I’m playing at all.  Read More →

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