Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 1 Meeting

Happy to an active member

I’m 74 years old and I have read all three books and passed them to my daughters to read as well. I have enjoyed reading your books and I am very excited to move forward. I am now reading Dr. Wallace’s book. I have always enjoyed helping people and trying to be a good person. I believe what I have read has made me a better person. Is thirty... [Read more...]

Level 1

68 years old. Retired. Have a son 30 years old whom I love and he loves me. His mother deceased. Read Neothink Superpuzzle. Have not gotten through Neothink Inner Circle Secrets and just received Neothink Inside Secrets a week or so ago. I need clearification on Vision One, Two and Vision Climax.  Read More →


I can not wait until I am able to access, absorb, and interact with the monthly member site. I am however having to wait until October 3rd as I am on a fixed income at the moment that i do not like and will remedy as soon as I am able and have no where to pull the fee from due to me taking back my life and making major changes to get out of the stagnation... [Read more...]

apprentice level one

Hi Steve: I feel behind. I have been reading almost everyday but I am only on page 252 of heirloom three with another deadline for a fourth book tomorrow? Any suggestions? Thanks, John S.  Read More →


I have just become a member and am somewhat confused as to how to use this website in a step by step manner. I watched the first videos highlighting what I have red in the volumes and to become an active member. When I came to this website I am confused by all the choices, which do I select first? Do I simply go down the column selecting each topic... [Read more...]

Book IV

ll am currently reading book 4. I am finding it just as interestinng as 1 & 2.I started reading yesterday, could not put it down until page 61. I found that it helps my concentration. with my. Other area of interest.. I Wanted to listen to Last Sunday presentation,,but was sidetrack by another concern. I am scheduled to work this Friiday through... [Read more...]

Prime Literature

I had initially purchased/received Neothink Superpuzzle and I’m unclear on how and when to obtain the other prime literature spoken of throughout the meeting. I’ve immersed myself into the book and I’m nearly finished and want to digest additional literature so I can progress in a quick pace. Any thoughts and/or direction? Thank you  Read More →

Welcome to Your Level 1 Meeting Integrations.

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I am your assigned Senior Mentor for this level.

I am here to assist you with any questions you may have during this level of your journey with Mark Hamilton.

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