Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 1 Meeting

dont understand

I would first like to say thank you for choosing me to become a neothink member, but in all honesty I AM COMPLETLY LOST’ I have not completed any of the hierloom packages thatt were sent to me, simply put i dont have the time, full time job, husband father and grandfather’ I FEEL AS IF I WASTED MONEY that i realy could not afford that could... [Read more...]


I would like to start with telling you about my time sense the last time I was here. I am retaking the meetings. It all started when I had a problem with my computer. It would not play the viedos. They would stop all the time. I finally bought a new computer when the tech said it’s as good as it is going to get. Then I was told that I have cancer.... [Read more...]

Friday Night Essence.

Hello Mr Hamilton, Thank you for allowing me to join your SS Meetings. This being my first one, well I am still absorbing it. I believe that I am so close to my Friday Night Essence, however, I can’t quite reach it. I will go back over the chapter on finding your Friday Night Essence I’ll get it this time because I am not going to stop until... [Read more...]

First Level Meeting – 8/15/2016

After 60 decades of living, I just realized how powerful [plus or minus] semantics is to our mindset. Every now & then, I would hear people from all ages and levels of life referring to play as children’s world and not to adults – to the point that it is exclusive to those with time and money. Play is exhilarating because of the euphoric... [Read more...]

First Meeting

Since this is my first meeting let me say, Thank you for this opportunity and i am excited to start learning how to realize my Friday-Night Essence. I have done a few things in my life that i enjoyed but they always seemed like work, as if i was a value producer not a creator. Water purification was my job in the military for 20 years. But my joy seem... [Read more...]


Hello, I was wondering if the letters I received as far as my potential is concerned. By the way thank you for the amazing compliments I am truly honored. Is this for real. I m just one ordinary guy? Does everybody have this potential? The thing I got most interested In today was the part about helping to end aging and death. It seems I have already... [Read more...]

moving on to next level

I have been reading and absorbing the materials from three Neothink books I have purchased and have been thinking about my Friday Night essence. I am a recently retired financial services counselor and have worked in health care for over 23 years and before that in colleges and universities. I have always been interested in human development and have... [Read more...]

Welcome to Your Level 1 Meeting Integrations.

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I am your assigned Senior Mentor for this level.

I am here to assist you with any questions you may have during this level of your journey with Mark Hamilton.

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